Your Students and Staff Deserve a Pristi

Your Students and Staff Deserve a Pristine Environment

Clean, Healthy & Prosperous School for Your Students and Faculty

Students and faculty are in daily close contact with one another. This can lead to further spread of harmful pathogens in the building if not cleaned pristinely. Horizon’s safe school program is a comprehensive approach to cleaning which ensures your school maintains a prosperous environment while helping you achieve sustainability goals.






Horizon’s safe school program cleaning professionals deliver:

  • A pristine facility through cleaning practices that maximize efficiency

  • Dedicated and experienced support to handle any cleaning challenge

  • 24-hour operations support and measured inspections


Horizon Services offers more than just competitive pricing. We provide your campus with a sense of protection and trust. We provide a comprehensive insurance policy and value extensive background checks.

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Clean School Floors
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Should I schedule a consultation even if I'm already with another company?

Yes, with anything as important as reopening safely, it's critical to get a second opinion.