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Facility Cleaning Services for Technology & Manufacturing Operations

Streamlining Efficiency and Maximizing Maintenance Budgets for Top Tech and Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Assembly

As a leading provider of facility cleaning services, Horizon Services understands the importance of maintaining a clean and efficient facility for manufacturing companies. Our forward-thinking solutions have helped many top technology and manufacturing companies streamline operations, maximize maintenance budgets, and stay focused on the work that matters most. We service more than four billion square feet of building space every day, so you can trust our team of trained and experienced specialists to keep your facility running like clockwork.

Industrial & Manufacturing

Our industrial and manufacturing facility cleaning services are tailored to meet the unique demands and complexities of your industry.


Our team of experts is trained to understand the specific needs of manufacturing facilities, such as compliance with OSHA regulations and the need for regular deep cleaning. We work closely with you to develop a customized cleaning plan that addresses the specific needs of your facility, allowing you to maintain a safe and healthy work environment.


Technology & Data Centers

In today's digital age, data centers and server rooms are critical to the operation of any business. Keeping these environments clean and well-maintained is essential to ensure smooth operations and protect your valuable equipment.


Horizon Services provides specialized data center and server room facility cleaning services, including air duct cleaning, cabinet and rack cleaning, and floor cleaning. Our team of specialists are trained in proper cleaning techniques to ensure the safety and longevity of your equipment.


Advanced Cleaning Techniques for IT Data Centers

​Maintaining a clean and efficient IT data center is essential to ensure the smooth operation of your business and protect your valuable equipment. At Horizon Services, we use advanced cleaning techniques and specialized equipment to provide comprehensive data center facility cleaning services.


Our team of experts is trained in the proper procedures for cleaning data centers, including the use of specialized equipment and techniques for working around sensitive equipment, to ensure that your data center is kept in top condition. We take the necessary precautions to make sure that the data center will not get impacted by cleaning. We also provide real-time reporting and review conditions for future specialized cleaning work that can be done to keep your data center running at optimal levels.

  1. Assess the specific needs and concerns of the IT data center: Our first step will be to understand the unique requirements of the data center and any potential pain points, such as high dust levels, airflow concerns, or specific areas that require more frequent cleaning.

  2. Develop a customized cleaning plan: Based on the assessment, we will develop a detailed facility cleaning services plan that addresses the specific needs of the data center, including regular cleaning schedules and procedures, as well as specialized cleaning services that may be required.

  3. Use specialized equipment and products: Our team will use specialized equipment and products specifically designed for data center cleaning, such as HEPA-filtered vacuums, microfiber cleaning cloths, and electrostatic spraying equipment.

  4. Implement proper airflow and filtration cleaning: To ensure proper airflow and filtration in the data center, we will clean and replace filters in the HVAC system, as well as dust and clean air ducts and grills.

  5. Thoroughly clean and sanitize server racks and cabinets: Our team will clean and sanitize server racks and cabinets, paying close attention to detail, to ensure that all surfaces are free of dust, debris and bacteria, minimizing risk of contamination.

  6. Conduct regular deep cleaning of floors and ceilings: We will conduct regular deep cleaning of the data center's floors and ceilings to ensure that any dust and debris is removed, which will minimize the risk of equipment failure due to dust buildup.

  7. Train our team in proper data center cleaning procedures: To ensure the safety of your equipment, our team will be trained in the proper procedures for cleaning data centers, including the use of specialized equipment and techniques for working around sensitive equipment.

  8. Use of Protective Equipment: We will provide and mandate our team to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) like face mask, gloves and shoe covers while working in the data center to avoid contamination.

  9. Provide real-time reporting: We will provide real-time reporting of our cleaning activities and progress, so you can stay informed about our cleaning schedule and the status of your data center.

  10. Anticipating future needs: We will review data center conditions and recommend future specialized cleaning work that can be done per our facility cleaning services plan. This includes but not limited to, Removing data center maintenance access floor tiles and cleaning underneath, Conducting mold remediation, Air handling unit coil cleaning, etc.

With these steps, we can ensure that your data center is kept in top condition and that your equipment is protected from dust and debris, minimizing the risk of equipment failure and reducing the need for costly repairs or replacements. Contact us today for your specialized facility cleaning services plan.

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