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Professional Medical Cleaning Services for a Safe and Healthy Environment

Horizon Services: Trusted Provider of Medical Cleaning Services in the Northeast

At Horizon Services, we understand the critical importance of maintaining a clean and healthy environment in healthcare facilities. Our team of highly trained cleaning technicians are dedicated to providing consistent, reliable results that address the specific needs of medical offices and hospitals.

As a Northeast leader in medical cleaning services, we take pride in our commitment to patient satisfaction and prioritize the health and well-being of your patients and staff. Our cleaning procedures are developed using industry-leading processes and customized training to ensure the highest level of hygiene in your facility. Trust us to handle the cleaning while you focus on providing excellent patient care.

Our healthcare cleaning program can help with:

Pathogen Mitigation

Achieve Sustainability

Risk Reduction 

Exam Room Cleanliness

Patient Satisfaction

Cost Management

Hospitals & Healthcare

Patients, guests, and professionals expect your hospital to be a safe haven for health. Horizon provides unmatched facility services backed by budget-conscious solutions and a highly-skilled workforce dedicated to helping you create a healthier environment that’s comfortable, clean, and compliant.

Hospital Corridor

Senior Living Services

Seniors and their families desire a residential facility that mirrors the comfort of home with the safety and reliability of assisted care. Horizon offers a variety of solutions designed to keep your senior living residence running efficiently and safely with keen attention to the unique needs of senior care.

Senior Therapy
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