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How can SafePlace 

Enhance Reopening Efforts?

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A 3-Step Approach to a Pathogen Free Facility

Step One: Return Safely

An extensive site appraisal delivers a system for prosperity that helps construct occupants trust. A one-time profound cleaning of your site prepares your offices for occupancy.


Step Two: Frequent High Touch Disinfection

A recurring cleaning and disinfection system further imparts occupant's confidence. Tenant communications reiterate mutual social contracts.


Step Three: Broad Disinfecting

Electrostatic spraying that eliminate germs in high touch areas purifying your facility. More extensive disinfection at occasional periods dependent on your office's health risk profile.


Adding SafePlace to your facility reassures your employees

SafePlace is a comprehensive approach that goes beyond normal cleaning through rigorous health protocols for consistent cleaning and disinfecting by trained teams. 

Always Prepared, Secure Supply Chain


Planning for the necessary supplies is a crucial part of properly executing reentry protocols, and Horizon is well-positioned to be first in line for products from our supply chain network. You can rest assured we will have what you need to deliver healthy spaces.

Trained and Certified Frontline Team Members


 A highly specialized level of training is given to our team members using electrostatic sprayers and other newly adopted disinfection methods. Managerial training will ensure supervisors have the tools and knowledge to effectively instruct on methods and oversee the process.

Should I schedule a consultation even if I'm already with another company?

Yes, with anything as important as reopening safely, it's critical to get a second opinion.