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Medical Cleaning Service

The secret to our success is our management team. Employees don’t cause poor performance, disengaged management does. Every decision we make is based on our decades of experience plus our core values. These values ensure that we can recruit and retain great team members.

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Healthcare Industry

Northeast Leader in Healthcare Cleaning Services

Horizon can help you maintain a pristine healthcare facility ensuring your patients and staff feel at ease the moment they enter your lobby. Our cleaning technicians are trained to understand the importance of having a clean environment to mitigate the spread of any harmful pathogens. From medical offices to hospitals, we have the proper tools and expertise to provide consistent results that address your specific needs.

​Your Patients Health Is Also Our Main Priority

Patient satisfaction is more important than ever before. We will take care of your facility hygiene while you focus on providing superb patient care. Using industry-leading processes and extensive, customized training, our cleaning procedures have been developed to help a wide range of healthcare facility need

Our healthcare cleaning program can help with the following:

Pathogen mitigation

Achieve sustainability

Medical exam room cleanliness

Cost management

Patient satisfaction

Risk reduction 


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Hospitals & Healthcare

Patients, guests, and professionals expect your hospital to be a safe haven of health. Horizon provides unmatched healthcare facility services backed by budget-conscious solutions and a highly-skilled workforce dedicated to helping you create a healthier healing environment that’s comfortable, clean, and compliant.

Hospital Corridor

Senior Living Services

Seniors and their families desire a residential facility that mirrors the comfort of home with the safety and reliability of assisted care. Horizon offers a variety of solutions designed to keep your senior living residence running efficiently and safely with keen attention to the unique needs of senior care.

Senior Therapy