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Learn to code. Shape the future.

Horizon Coding Academy

Learn the basic literacy in the digital age. Coding has immense benefits for individuals ranging from career advancements, personal skill enhancement, and ground breaking technology.

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Benefits of Learning to Code

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Career Flexibility

Opportunity to grow with Horizon technology division

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Learn something new with your kids, and code fun projects

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High Demand

Learn a skill that will always be in demand. You control your futre.

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Earning Potential

Increase your salary with coding. Average salary $70k-$120K

Enhance skills for increased salary


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Learn how to apply your coding knowledge to program intelligent robots.

Mobile App

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Utilize python coding to seamlessly create mobile apps and websites.



Create custom programs with your family and kids, implement your skills to solve social problems in society.

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Learn coding, improve your lifestyle, make a difference

Horizon service employees only*

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